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Snap-on Smile
We offer Snap-on Smile at Amazing Smiles.  This cosmetic therapy is a temporary solution where a full mouth restoration is being considered.  Snap-on Smile will give you a full make-over look for about two years.  Some of them last 3 - 5 years.  

It is a quick fix, where you come in the office and stay about an hour, while we discuss the options and begin to take impressions.  The lab actually returns the Snap-on Smile cosmetic dental arches in only about two weeks !  There is no major preparation of your natural teeth, no drilling or grinding.  Wearing the Snap-ons is Stable and dependable.
This is all at a fraction of the cost of permanent restoration cosmetic dentistry.  With proper care a set of Snap-on Smiles can last 3 - 5 years.  These innovative devices can be worn consistently; you can even eat while wearing them.  They are a good initial solution to cracked, chipped teeth, and especially discolored teeth or teeth that are crooked or worn down. 

Many people are hesitant to commit to the expense and time of major restorative dentistry.  This is a good way to test your attitude changes and your looks after getting a new smile.  It is a good way to help you figure out how much you would value these changes in your life.

Come on by Amazing Smiles and we will show you the results, enjoyed by many people and we'll show you the process which is quick and easy.  What is best is that you hear and see the treatment and pricing options available to you, and let us help you make a decision.

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