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Porcelain Veneers / Crowns

Veneers are a versatile tool that we use at Amazing Smiles to help you with crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, teeth that are not aligned properly or discolored teeth.  Veneers are a thin shell of highly durable porcelain that covers the front of a tooth and is fixed to the tooth permanently.  We remove a very small layer of enamel before we attach the veneer.  The result is an even, natural look, with an enhanced smile that will last for many years.

Porcelain is especially durable, and it costs a little more.  Impressions are taken of the teeth, the individual tooth surfaces are shaved and shaped slightly to hold the final veneer, and the lab manufactures the veneers to exact shape and size.   There is consultation time, prep time, and some waiting time as the veneers are made.  The procedure requires about the same, or possibly a little more time on average as a crown would, and it is often done with groups of teeth at the same time.

In order to preserve the coloring of your new veneer teeth, certain foods might be phased out of your diet, for instance raw carrots, or stain-producing foods such as red wine. All these factors will be covered when you come in for an exam and we discuss your options.

At Amazing Smiles we understand the many tools and treatments that will bring you the health, beauty, and confidence that you deserve.  Crowns are useful for restoring teeth and protecting the tooth when a large cavity makes it unstable or weakened. 

A crown is a durable material that covers all around a tooth and over the top.  It is impermeable and permanent.  It is often the most effective treatment for a tooth that is fractured or cracked.  It is also the required last step in the Root Canal process.  Root canals require a crown.  It's like a marriage, after a root is removed, a crown is placed on the tooth and bonded to the surface of the tooth with a strong dental cement.  This cosmetic dental procedure preserves the color and shape of your teeth, enhances strength, and can improve your overall smile. 

At Amazing Smiles we first a complete an oral examination to help us understand and communicate to you the needs and options.  Then an impression is taken of the tooth, and the tooth is prepared for bonding with the crown.  A temporary crown is installed and the impressions are sent to a laboratory.  Over a few weeks, the crown is created in a laboratory where they use durable materials like metals and porcelain and high-temperature casting processes to ensure the patient will be satisfied with the crown for many years to come. 

The patient comes in again for the permanent crown to be bonded to the tooth.   Patient comfort and pain-free visits are an important focus for everything we do at Amazing Smiles.  Give us a call or drop by one of our offices today and let Amazing Smiles help your looks, your attitude, your life !

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