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Mini Dental Implants (MDI)

Amazing Smiles offers Mini Dental Implants for dentures and partial dentures.  These are done in one day.  They bring our patients very predictable, stable results for their dentures.  They work especially well for bottom dentures, and have also been perfected for the upper dentures, too.  We provide the mini implants to patients who have never had dentures before, or to patients who are looking for more stability than they have had with their current dentures.

Tiny areas in the jaw are prepared with a precision-controlled device.  A very small titanium implant is fixed into the jaw where it acts like the root of a tooth.  The head of the titanium implant forms a connection with the underside of the denture that holds the denture firmly in place with a carefully set holding force.

The procedure is minimally-invasive, it's as simple as getting a filling done.  It is done with local anesthesia along with slight sedation.  There is no cutting and there are no stitches to remove, no months of healing involved.  You will be able to attach the dentures in the same day and enjoy stable, confident eating, talking and smiling.  This is often a great improvement in quality of life for our patients, using a simple, affordable technology.

At Amazing Smiles we feel that Mini Dental Implants have been one of the most important advances in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry in the last 20 years.  Tens of thousands of people enjoy the benefits of these dental solutions.  Computer technology and medical techniques have come together to create a simple solution for restoring a smile and improving confidence in eating and talking. 

These are perfect for patients that have had dentures for a long time and would really like to eat foods like corn on the cob or crisp, fresh apples, but have not been able to with their traditional dentures.  These dentures provide a lot more stability to the bite, and confidence in the positioning.

We look at each patient case by case, and we consider your medical history to make sure there are no prior problems with hemophilia or diabetes.  We also examine the mouth and jaw carefully to make sure there is enough bone structure in the jaw.  We look at the thickness and the health of the bone and adjust the solution to fit your needs.

If you suffer from uncomfortable dentures that are loose, or if you have missing teeth or ground down teeth, it is important for you to get an examination by one of our dentists at Amazing Smiles to learn about the advantages of Mini Dental Implants.  The usual feedback from the patient is -Why did I wait so long for this?-  Come by our office, set a morning appointment and we wll evaluate you and bring you the smile and the healthy mouth that you deserve.

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