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Our Staff
Rebecca Stieb, R.D.H

Rebecca Stieb, R.D.H

Becki, as she likes to be called, joined the team at Amazing Smiles and brought with her, a wealth of experience. She has over 22 years experience as a registered Dental Hygienist. She genuinely enjoys her profession and is very caring and understanding with her patients.

She believes that education is key to her helping patients obtain and maintain the optimum oral health.

When Becki is not practicing dental hygiene, she serves at DRIVEN Youth Ministry, an organization geared toward helping young people succeed in all areas of their lives and where her husband is the youth pastor. Becki also loves to spend quality time with family and friends.
Nora Waller

Nora Waller

Nora has served in the capacity of consultant in the dental field for the past 25 years. She joined the staff of Amazing Smiles in 2005 and has made a name for herself. Amazing Smiles has come to depend on her because of her reliability and dedication to both the business and her patients. She is extensively knowledgeable about various insurance benefits.

As office manager for Amazing Smiles, she has the highest integrity, strong communication skills, is able to make excellent decisions based on individual patient's needs and situations, and is very pleasant and personable to be around. She will go above and beyond board to make sure that patients are very comfortable and their needs are met.

Nora is very personable, sincere and is extremely compassionate towards others, especially her patients at Amazing Smiles. She is always willing to make sure that patients fully understand their dental needs and helps to educate them about their dental benefits and concerns as appropriate.

Nora is very family oriented and her hobbies include reading, traveling and biking.
Belinda Allen

Belinda Allen

Belinda joined the staff of Amazing Smiles in 2006 and has become an integral part of the business. She has over 4 years experience in this field and is best known for her warm and friendly personality.

On your visit to Amazing Smiles, for the most part, Belinda is the first person you come in contact with, consequently, she helps in the impression one derives from either a phone call or visit, and she never disappoint. Belinda is very professional and a very positive influence for Amazing Smiles.

She is very outgoing and personable, very pleasant on the phone and is always willing to help in whatever capacity she can. She always accommodate patients by taking the time to make sure that appointments are scheduled to meet their timetable, and always make sure that the correct directions to the office are explained. She makes each patient feel very comfortable during their visit. She is a very caring person, extremely kind, and a hard worker.

Belinda enjoys spending time with her husband, her family and friends.

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